J P Success, Inc.

222 S Memorial Dr Lancaster, OH


Aquacultured Clownfish, Marine & Freshwater Aquariums

JPS Aquarium Retail Storefront

JPS Retail Store

Our retail store and clownfish breeding facility, facing State Route 33 in Lancaster Ohio, and off of Columbus Street.
Our building looks small but we have it all!

JPS is your Source for Aquarium Supplies


Tanks & Stands, full Setups, and all the rest! Tanks sizes from 2 to 300 Gallons.  We have most sizes in store, including reef-ready tanks, refugiums and accessories. For the beginner to the pro, we have it all.

JPS Specializes in Aquatics


Over 70 stocked Freshwater aquariums, 67 Stocked Marine Tanks, 20+ Coral Capable tanks at our location.  Freshwater, Marine, and Corals Restocked weekly!

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J P Success, Inc.

222 South Memorial Dr, Lancaster, OH 43130, US

(740) 654-7660


If the door is locked upon arrival during normal business hours, please ring the doorbell on the front door. We are likely maintaining our Clownfish and we will come let you in immediately!

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