Marine, Tropical, and TANKS!
  Posted 03/03/2017

To say that we have been busy these past weeks would be an understatement. We are so glad to see such and amazing and diverse group of hobbyists visiting and purchasing fish and aquariums. We are extremely thankful that everyone has been so patient with us when we get busy all at once. Thanks for making our shop such an upbeat place to be!

We have added a plant vendor to our list, and through them we have been able to get a wide variety of plants previously unavailable, as well as fantastic and extremely competitive prices on them. We carry planted substrates and fertilizers and can order Co2 setups for your tanks.

Our cichlid tanks in the front room have expanded for more variety, and as the weather is warming we are now working on our warehouse to house our neotropical cichlids and some different south americans cichlids that are less common.

We are continuing to do multiple livestock orders each week, so if you are finding that you need a special request, please let us know by Sunday evening at the latest so we can make sure to include it on the weeks orders.

In store currently we have everything from 2.5 gallon betta tanks all the way up to a brand new 180 reef ready tank and red oak Monterey stand on hand. We have every bowfront tank currently on hand as well, from a 16 gallon to a 72 reef ready, and the stand to match! Our large tank prices are some of the most competitive in the state, and they are our everyday prices. We can also order up to a 265 if you need it!

   Plants, Cichlids, and Marine
  Posted 02/22/2017

Another Truckload fish order this week. With our California Marine order due in same day we expect to bring back a full truckload of Tropical and Marine fish!
Live Rock add on featuring 50 lbs each of Tukani & Totoka and more!
Expect new species of tanganikan, victorian, and malawi cichlids to be making their way to our newly established front room systems.
Plenty of unpacking of nice Cichlids, Tropical Fish, Live Plants, and Oddballs. We are keeping our stock very diverse!

   Mid February California Marine Order
  Posted 02/14/2017

Nice Marine restock order. Lots of nice angels and others! Keep checking our facebook page for current photos.
More orders due in later this week: Tropical Fish & Dry goods. Stop by and check out the new arrivals. Hand raised clown fish are available in store too! See the full report:
02 14 2017 Report, Here

   More fish, More plants! Plus store raised clownfish!
  Posted 02/08/2017

We have some excellent prices on plants right now from our florida vendor from earlier in the month. We have a Marine order that came in today, lots of fish on this one! Friday we have a freshwater order coming in late with some fantastic oddball fish and many new cichlids endemic to Tanganyika!

We have lots of drilled and standard fish tanks on hand right now - big tanks too! Our prices are super competitive!
And our clownfish breeding operation is going splendidly! We have regular ocellaris, snowflakes from regular to extra premium, tomatoes, and all kinds of misbars.

   Full store restock!
  Posted 01/31/2017

We had a saltwater order come in wednesday the 25th, and a freshwater arrived friday the 27th along with regular dry goods. We had our large fluval order arrive Monday, so we are all stocked up! We brought in some new 15 and 9 gallon "Flex" tanks (they're a vertical bowfront, very neat!) and the relatively new 13 gallon marine Evos are back in store.

Lots of very large tanks on sale from our vendor this Feburary! If we don't have it in, we will get it in for you! Call us about our competitive pricing.
We are looking to order from one of our specialty livestock vendors this week, hopefully we will get some great deals on aquatic plants! We'll keep you posted. For our fastest updates, please see our facebook page.

   Tropical, Marine, and More Stock!
  Posted 01/19/2017

We ordered everything on our wish list for this week's California Marine order! New Angelfish, Maxi-Mini Anemone Ultra, Bangai Cardinal, Plenty of Chromis & Damselfish, Cleanup crew, Tukani Live rock, Metallic Foxface, Goby:Diamond, Firefish, Rainfordi, Twinspot. Other items include:Tang:Convict & Scopas, Humu Humu Trigger, Ruby Red Dragonette, Clove Polyp Frags

Nice seasonal items and special items such as Red/Pink Tile Starfish, Flame Scallop, and one Blue Berry Gorgonian for placement in the store show tank. Order due in Thursday afternoon. We are really stocking the store and warehouse. Stop by this weekend & see all our inventory.

Several new tanks in our freshwater department with new LED lighting due in Friday for both the front showroom and the warehouse freshwater systems. We're putting together a nice freshwater fish order for this week, plenty of cichlids and community fish- Top quality all at our best everyday prices!

Finally, We're stocking up on our large tanks, stands, and equipment. We already have a brand new125 Gallon tank, a couple of new 75 gallon tanks in stock. We're adding 90 gallon tanks both non drilled and reef ready this week at our best prices. Next week we plan to add 125 gallon reef ready tanks, restock for any sold tanks & stands and possibly bring in 120, 150, and 180 tanks non drilled and reef ready with stands. We're building our aquarium setup showroom with the best possible selection and best everyday prices with 100 miles.

   2017 Begins with Tanks and Marine
  Posted 01/11/2017

We took advantage of a special opportunity from our tropical vendor to bring in their Flame Angels and 3 very nice Xlarge Maxima Ultra Grade 5"+ Clams, Anemone Shrimp, and Red Fromia Starfish!

Remember us when you are thinking about that new fish tank large, small, Reef Ready, and your aquarium furniture. We are beginning to stock the large tanks and stands and we can have your new system ready for immediate pickup or delivery.

   2016 Ends and New Marine and Coral are in!
  Posted 12/28/2016

Hand picked coral order 4x larger than ever before! Plenty of everything including Acro frags, (6) Show size combo rocks, Nice Hammer coral frags and show pieces, Star Polyp, Several Grade A Zoa, Gonipora, Kryptonite Trumpet Coral, Premium Pick Mushroom Rock, Gorgonian, Rock Anemone, LPS Frags (16), Grade A Zoa Frags (4), All showroom lights are now LED. Coral systems fully stocked with new pieces and coral warehouse is well stocked - Check our Facebook page for video footage.

   Shipments and Holiday Hours
  Posted 12/24/2016

Holiday Hours:
Saturday: 11AM-3PM
Sunday: Closed
Monday: 1PM-9PM - Regular hours!
Have a wonderful holiday season!

We have gotten a freshwater shipment late last night, as well as a saltwater order in on wednesday.

   Lots of updates!
  Posted 12/09/2016

It is starting into busy season in the aquarium and retail world so we have been a little slow on our updates!
Follow our facebook page for the most timely updates. Or just stop by!
We have had many great orders in the last few weeks, and in addition, we have done a saltwater order, as well as an extra large freshwater order this week.
Chirstmas is fast approaching and order dates gets a little jumbled for most of our suppliers with the holiday;
be sure to call in advance to make sure we get your special ordered fish in at the times you want!
We have upgraded our 120 gallon display to a 180. It looks wonderful and our tangs are very happy.

   Coral, Tropical, and Marine Orders in now!
  Posted 11/09/2016

One of our largest coral orders arrived Thursday, Nov 10.
Hand picked Coral highlights include:
Montipora Danae, Acropora, Mushroom Colonies,
Mushroom Giant Cup, Gorgonia Tree Orange and Gorgonia Red,
Elegance Coral, Pagoda Cup Frag
WYSIWYG hand picked Fungia, Scolymia, Krupuck Leather, Goniopora Jewel (red! amazing!).

We are still working on our warehouse - heating and insulation has been a large time consumer for us.
Our tank display room is finally coming together - we are going to house tanks from nano's all the way to 180's in store for sale! We will be one of just a few vendors in the central ohio area carrying these awesome sized tanks on hand!

   Acropora Coral, New Systems running!
  Posted 10/30/2016

We have our new acropora systems up and running in the warehouse and are begining to stock them!
We have a ton of used tanks with stands and lids (both drilled and not!) on sale right now!

We have 2 complete 75g's, 1 reef ready 75, a 120 reef ready - just to name a few!
Tanks 75g and up have been very popular in this past month as our hobbyists move up in size.
Give us a call and place your order - or maybe we have it on the floor!

   Fancy Marine order, freshwater order
  Posted 10/22/2016

California marine order with plenty of show fish arrived Thursday, Oct 20. Highlights include:
Tangs: Heptatus, Clown, Orange Shoulder, Sailfin, Scopas, Yellow Eye Kole; Others:
Flame Angel, Copperband Butterfly, Foxface, Foxface Metallic, many purple firefish.

Freshwater order with all the regulars and more to fill new tanks.
New 8 glass tanks are replacing old acrylic systems in the front room,
giving us about 100 more gallons of space in the front (a total of about 180).

Marine order here.
Freshwater order here.

   Gigantic Saltwater Order! Freshwater order!
  Posted 10/12/2016

Check out even more photos of our selection on our facebook page!

We have a great selection of tangs, angels, butterflies, dragonettes, wrasses, and so much more!
and all kinds of critters in store right now.
Beautiful 7" maxima clams are at an amazing price.
We do special orders if you've missed your favorites!
Pods and phyto are in stock again!

Lots of freshwater restocking, starting to fill up our warehouse systems with actual livestock! Don't miss it!

   New Frozen food! More new products!
  Posted 10/10/2016

We are very excited to be able to offer both LRS and Rod's frozen food to our customers! We also now stock Chemipure Blue!

We are a local business and have been for over 6 years! Our staff is dedicated to making your experience with us a positive and memorable one. We care about the health of your tanks (and ours)! We strive to carry high quality, healthy aquatic livestock, nutrition, and appropriate supplements to meet the needs of your aquariums. We won't hesitate to help you keep your pets healthy - we can guide you from step one to help achive your fish and coral keeping dreams. Please feel free to send us email feedback or visit in person. We would love to hear from you.


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