Coral, Tropical, and Marine Orders in now!
  Posted 11/09/2016

One of our largest coral orders arrived Thursday, Nov 10.
Hand picked Coral highlights include:
Montipora Danae, Acropora, Mushroom Colonies,
Mushroom Giant Cup, Gorgonia Tree Orange and Gorgonia Red,
Elegance Coral, Pagoda Cup Frag
WYSIWYG hand picked Fungia, Scolymia, Krupuck Leather, Goniopora Jewel (red! amazing!).

We are still working on our warehouse - heating and insulation has been a large time consumer for us.
Our tank display room is finally coming together - we are going to house tanks from nano's all the way to 180's in store for sale! We will be one of just a few vendors in the central ohio area carrying these awesome sized tanks on hand!

   Acropora Coral, New Systems running!
  Posted 10/30/2016

We have our new acropora systems up and running in the warehouse and are begining to stock them!
We have a ton of used tanks with stands and lids (both drilled and not!) on sale right now!

We have 2 complete 75g's, 1 reef ready 75, a 120 reef ready - just to name a few!
Tanks 75g and up have been very popular in this past month as our hobbyists move up in size.
Give us a call and place your order - or maybe we have it on the floor!

   Fancy Marine order, freshwater order
  Posted 10/22/2016

California marine order with plenty of show fish arrived Thursday, Oct 20. Highlights include:
Tangs: Heptatus, Clown, Orange Shoulder, Sailfin, Scopas, Yellow Eye Kole; Others:
Flame Angel, Copperband Butterfly, Foxface, Foxface Metallic, many purple firefish.

Freshwater order with all the regulars and more to fill new tanks.
New 8 glass tanks are replacing old acrylic systems in the front room,
giving us about 100 more gallons of space in the front (a total of about 180).

Marine order here.
Freshwater order here.

   Gigantic Saltwater Order! Freshwater order!
  Posted 10/12/2016

Check out even more photos of our selection on our facebook page!

We have a great selection of tangs, angels, butterflies, dragonettes, wrasses, and so much more!
and all kinds of critters in store right now.
Beautiful 7" maxima clams are at an amazing price.
We do special orders if you've missed your favorites!
Pods and phyto are in stock again!

Lots of freshwater restocking, starting to fill up our warehouse systems with actual livestock! Don't miss it!

   New Frozen food! More new products!
  Posted 10/10/2016

We are very excited to be able to offer both LRS and Rod's frozen food to our customers! We also now stock Chemipure Blue!

   Frag Swap! Specialty Clowns, and More!
  Posted 09/28/2016

Our specialty designer clown order has been a great success.
Many unexpected customers have sought out these beauties
to fill their tanks - from nano tanks to gargantuan!

Above are just a few pictures of some stunner corals we got in this past week. We have so many more in store!

We had a fantastic time at the CORA Frag Swap, here is a picture of our table.
A big thank you to all our new and old customers alike for making it great.

   Full Livestock + Coral Restock; Specialty clownfish Vendor; CORA Frag Swap!
  Posted 09/24/2016
Our front room upgrades are complete! We have 3 34 gallon systems linked by a 15g sump,
and one 34 gallon acropora system with it's own 10 gallon sump.
As for livestock - please check out our most recent photos here.
Much of our warehouse area is coming along nicely, but we've spent the last few days pressing hard
to get ready for our CORA vendor tables at the frag swap this year. For information, see their website

We also have installed a filter sock washing machine and drying machine combo in the store.
It is an isolated system, so that we can ensure no soaps or chemicals will come in contact with the aquarium products.
Feel free to bring in your filter socks and ask about it!

   Triple livestock order!
  Posted 08/17/2016

 Wednesday, August 17th we brought in a nice freshwater restock with more nano fish, vibrant Millineum Rainbows, all types of Snails and more. We also were able to finally get another 50 lbs of Tukani Fiji Live Rock.
Phytoplankton, R.O.E., and Pods are in stock as well.

Thursday, August 18th, we've got more saltwater incoming: many types of anemones, Rock beauty angelfish, Potter's Wrasee from Hawaii, Golden Tiger blenny, 3 RED Mandarin dragonets, and Scissortail gobies.
A great variety of tangs is coming in too, of course hepatus tangs, Clown tang, Orange Shoulder tang from Hawaii, Yellow Eye Kole tang. Corals include Zoanthids, Super Green, Super Pink, and Orange.
These are just the highlights!

Friday August 19th, we have a huge freshwater order coming in with tons of new tetras, a handful of barbs, more hand picked african Peacock Cichlids, some beautiful Geophagus Balzanii, and misc. fish like Endler's Guppies, Killifish, Afrian Spotted Leaf Fish, and Hatchets.

Full restock on plants friday evening, as well as blackworms for those of you who have been waiting patiently!

  See the 08/17/2016 tropical order here.
  See the 08/18/2016 marine order here.
  See the 08/19/2016 tropical and plant order here.

   New Local Tank Raised Angels, Discus, and Corals
  Posted 08/08/2016

  We have over 100 locally raised angelfish,
about 15 local discus for just 49.99 for large size,
and about 20 coral frags hand raised right here in central Ohio.
We love supporting local aquarists whenever we can!

   Extended Weekday Hours
  Posted 08/04/2016

  New expanded weekday hours begining this week!
That's right, we will be here Monday-Friday at 1pm now, instead of 3pm.
We are frequently on site by noon though, so don't hesitate to call ahead!

   Everything restock!
  Posted 07/29/2016

  See the 07/27/2016 marine order here.
  See the 07/29/2016 tropical order here.

We have two new dry goods orders in stock,
in addition to a huge live plant order, a marine order, and a sizable freshwater order.

We also ordered some interesting pleco's for freshwater friends!
Gold Nugget L018, Tigerhead L226 Med, Royal L191Reg are all in stock currently.
Anubias types: Congensis, Barteri, Coffeefolia, Nana Petite and more! Potamogeton Gayi (looks fantastic), Cambomba Bunch, Rosette Sword, and the classics.

   Tropical and Dry Goods Order
  Posted 07/16/2016

  See the 07/16/2016 order here.
Please visit our Facebook page for the most recent photos and videos of our livestock!

Plenty of tropical plants on this mid month tropical fish order.
Highlights include: Anubias Nangi, Dwarf Lily bulb, Java Fern " Trident", Ludwigia Peruensis, Amazon Sword, Banana, Green Cabomba, Moss Ball, Potted Anubias Barteri.
Other order highlights include: hand picked Aulonocara Peacock Cichlids (12), Shovelnose Lima + Tiger Catfish, Oranda Goldfish,and Figure Eight Puffers.

If you're in need of a fish tank, Tropical or Marine, we offer the best prices in central Ohio!
We carry most size tanks and stands up to 75 gallon in stock. We will order any size tank you want.

   Full Store Restock!
  Posted 07/07/2016

  See the 07/07/2016 freshwater order here.
  See the 07/08/2016 marine order here.

Blackworms, ROE, Phyto, and Pods are back in stock!
We also have Axolotls currently.
These super interesting critters make exciting pets!

   Exciting Saltwater Order
  Posted 06/23/2016

  See the 06/23/2016 livestock order here.
Highlights include: Vlamini tangs, two types of mimic tangs, leopard wrasse, christmas wrasse, some different damsels, cateye blennies, and more.
Two types of butterfly fish, four types of angels, five different types of tangs and lots of little guys to fill in the space in your aquarium.

Copepods and R.O.E. are back stock to feed your tank!

We are a local business and have been for over 5 years! Our staff is dedicated to making your experience with us a positive and memorable one. We care about the health of your tanks (and ours)! We strive to carry high quality, healthy aquatic livestock, nutrition, and appropriate supplements to meet the needs of your aquariums. We won't hesitate to help you keep your pets healthy - we can guide you from step one to help achive your fish and coral keeping dreams. Please feel free to send us email feedback or visit in person. We would love to hear from you.


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